Do you want to feel secure when it comes to transferring to your second mortgage? National Lending Link is here exactly to do that! We are here to build the security that you need for your next home. Do you need to re-finance an existing mortgage for your following one? We have the loans and mortgages that are suitable exactly for you needs. Even if you’re self-employed or if the bank said no, we are here to help you to get out of credit card debt and finally be financially stable.

We can help you consolidate your credit debt & second mortgage into one monthly payment. Simply put, at National Lending Link, we are here for YOU. It is good to have guidance and advise that is outside the bank because we will present to you many other options when otherwise the bank said no. Our mortgage brokerage here to hear you out and work-out a way for you so that you can feel secure when purchasing your next home.

A lot of people ask us this: what is a second mortgage? Well, simply put, it is the refinancing of your old property for your next one so that you can have access to funds for other investments, reasons or one of the most common reasons at National Lending Link: to extinguish your raising credit card debt. People come to us because they are looking for options and our mortgage experts are here exactly to do that. At our brokerage, your sense of security is a priority.

To sum up, you can use your second mortgage loan for refinancing so that you have money for other emergency situations. We understand that every situation is different, that is why we urge you to pick up the phone and give us a call so that we can provide you with the options that you need.

At National Lending Link, we care about what we do because we want YOU to feel secure.


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